How do I view my org's available user licenses?

Simpplr will provide you with Salesforce Platform licenses for users who need to use Simpplr only. You do not need to purchase extra Salesforce licenses for these users.

To check the number of licenses in your company's Salesforce/Simpplr instance:

  1. Go to Salesforce by removing everything after .com in your Simpplr url.remove_url_for_salesforce.gif
  2. Then navigate to Setup and type Company information into the Quick Find box.company_info.gif
  3. Scroll down to see your active User Licenses. Note that the Remaining Licenses of Salesforce represent the number of System Admin licenses while Remaining Licenses of Salesforce Platform represents standard users.Screen_Shot_2021-09-20_at_3.51.53_PM.png
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