How to work around images not appearing when using Safari

We are aware of a problem that happens from time to time, where when using Simpplr with Safari, the images do not appear (they show as empty white boxes).

We’ve done some investigating into this issue, and are working on a permanent solution. For the time being we have found this work around:

First, ensure you have the most current version of Safari on your computer. This will occur automatically with the MacOS. However, if running Safari on an older OS, you will have to manually update or reinstall Safari through the App Store. 

Delete website data

  • In Safari, choose Safari > Preferences
  • Click the Privacy icon and click Manage Website Data
  • Search for Salesforce in search field
  • Click Salesforce
  • Click the Remove button

Force quit Safari

  • Select the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the browser
  • Select Force Quit
  • Select Safari
  • Select Force Quit
  • Confirm your selection

It's important you do both of these actions. If the problem persists, please repeat and delete all website data.

When you reopen Simpplr in Safari, the images should now be visible.

Launch your Salesforce instance in the Lightning Experience before launching Simpplr

If the above troubleshooting steps don't work, have your org's System admin for Simpplr navigate to the Salesforce instance your intranet is built on. Ensure the System admin is logged in as the Simpplr Service Account. For most customers, by default, Salesforce will be shown in the Classic version. You can switch it to Lightning Experience by:

  1. Clicking in the top right corner Switch to Lightning Experience.
  2. Clicking Launch Simpplr from the top navigation bar.Switch to lightning.gif

Safari on mobile for iOS users

If you're on Simpplr via your mobile phone on iOS using Safari, the solution can be found in your iPhone settings.

From your Settings menu on your iPhone:

  1. Head to the browser app you use (i.e. Safari).
  2. Scroll down until you see PRIVACY & SECURITY and turn off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.
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  • Is there an updated ETA on when this issue will be fixed? The above steps did not work for our impacted users. Thanks!

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