How do I enable or disable content feed posts for a site?

This has to be done by Site managers or App managers.

To enable or disable feed posts for all the content for a site:

  1. Click on your profile image in the upper right hand corner and go to Manage > Manage sites.
  2. Select the site you want to change settings for. Note you can also go directly to the site and click Manage site
  3. Go to the Setup tab. Scroll down until you see Content posts, then in Posts & replies, choose Enabled or Disabled. Once you've made changes, click Save.

App managers, to enable or disable content feed posts at the application level:

  1. From your user profile image, go to Manage > Manage application.
  2. From the Setup tab, go to Governance and scroll down until you see Content feed posts.
  3. Check or uncheck the Allow Feed Posts on content box to enable or disable posts. Disabling this setting will remove the Allow feed posts option when creating content. This means users will not be able to add feed post comments to any content on this site. The recommended best practice is to leave this box checked and let Site managers control feed post settings at the site level. 

    Once you've made your changes, scroll down and click Save.
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