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Which people data integrations are supported by Simpplr and Merge?

User flow/connection

What is

Why is Simpplr using Merge?


Which people data integrations are supported by Simpplr?

Simpplr natively integrates with the following people data sources. Click each link to see full setup documentation for those sources:

  • Active Directory
  • Google Workspace
  • Okta
  • Salesforce
  • Workday
  • UKG Pro

Below is a list of integrations that Simpplr currently supports through Merge. 


ADP Workforce Now



Altera Payroll



Ceridian Dayforce







UKG Dimensions


Insperity Premier








UKG Ready






Google Workspace



SAP SuccessFactors





Sage HR


HR Cloud





HR Partner








Square Payroll








User flow/connection


All 50+ applications supported through the connection with Simpplr will have very similar, if not, exactly the same setup flow. The prerequisite details (Subdomain name, API Key, Client ID) will be required from the HRIS system. We recommend having your people data admin present when connecting the systems.

To get started connecting your HRIS system to Simpplr:  

  1. As the App manager, navigate to Manage > Application > Integrations > People data. Click Add integration to open the Merge window modal.
    Merge 1.png
  2. A list of each available app will open with its icon. Here you can search for your specific vendor, or scroll to find it. The apps are listed alphabetically.


    Selecting an integration implies agreement to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

    Merge 2.png
  3. Once you've selected the right app, you'll be redirected to Merge, where you can complete the integration process by providing the prerequisite details (subdomain name, API Key, Client ID) and receive a successful integration confirmation message. You will need to retrieve the prerequisite details from the app's admin page if you do not have them already. The Merge Help Center has instructions for how to retrieve this information form each applicable vendor.
    Merge 3.png
  4. The newly added syncing source will now appear in the People data menu, where it can be edited or disabled.
    Merge 4.png
  5. Staying in the Manage > Application menu, head to the People tab and select User provisioning or User syncing, depending on the action oyu want to perform. Choose your HRIS system as the source.
    Merge 5.png
  6. Map the appropriate fields you'd like to use for data syncing. There are a number of standard options, as well as the ability to choose custom fields. When finished mapping, click Save.
    1. For user provisioning, you'll need to decide whether to create new users in Simpplr/your intranet, or not create them.
    2. If you're adding new users via provisioning, you'll then choose what profile type your users are given. Select Standard user to provide users with the right Simpplr license. 
    3. Optionally, input a username suffix.
    4. Check the profile details and default details you'd like mapped from the source.
    5. Choose whether or not your suers should receive a password setup email upon provisioning so they can gain access to the intranet. These emails will come from Salesforce if selected. If your organization uses SSO to log users in, select Don't send emails.
    6. Finally, decide whether or not users should be deactivated form the intranet upon deactivation in the source HRIS platform. 
    7. Click Save.
      Merge user provisioning.png
  7. The user syncing scheduler within Simpplr runs on a daily basis with an option to run immediately. If you want to manually sync, head to Setup > Schedulers and run the SchedulerSimpplrServices option. Please note that any updates made at the vendor's end may take up to three hours to synchronize, as Merge will first sync the user information before updating it in Simpplr.
    Merge 7.png

What is

Merge provides the tools to transform how B2B companies realize customer-facing integrations. With Merge’s Unified API, developers integrate just once with one API, for all integrations. Merge takes charge of the entire lifecycle of integrations and adds new platforms every week.

Merge is backed by $75 million in funding from Accel, NEA, and Addition. Merge was founded in 2020 by Shensi Ding and Gil Feig and is proudly built in San Francisco and New York City.

Why is Simpplr using Merge?

While Simpplr previously supported native integrations for provisioning, syncing, and de-provisioning with Google, Okta, Salesforce, Active Directory, Workday, and UKG Pro, this new integration offers an exhaustive list of supported HRIS options.

Key features of this integration include:

  • Build once. For earlier implemented integrations, each of these was written by Simpplr as a new integration. The Merge integration allows a one-time build from Simpplr that will open the ability to seamlessly connect 50 HRIS softwares
  • Support for over 50 HRIS integrations
  • Support for custom attributes per customer with standard and custom field mapping
  • Automatic and manual scheduling options for syncing with any of the supported partners
  • A UI toolkit to power the initial OAuth authentication flow for establishing the initial connection from within Simpplr


Q: How is connecting a syncing source through Merge different than the native integrations Simpplr offers (Google Workspace, Okta, UKG Pro, Salesforce, Workday, Azure)?

A: There is no difference, as all our integrations allow you to sync people data between Simpplr and HRIS partners, eliminating duplication. With nightly data updates, your intranet stays up-to-date. The only difference lies in the integration process, which is a one-time task for App manager.


Q: Is there an extra charge for using Merge as my people data connection source?

A: No, there is not extra charge for this feature. It is not an add-on product, and will be available for all customers.


Q: Can I customize the data mappings and sync settings for my integration?

A: Yes! You'll need to go to Manage > Application > People > User syncing where you can add up to 25 standard fields and create an additional 25 custom fields.


Q: Are there any prerequisites required for setting up my HRIS source as an integration?

A: Yes, you need to have admin access to the HRIS vendor account to configure the integration. For vendor-specific details, please refer to the Merge Help Center.


Q: What are the security parameters around Merge?

A: Merge is compliant with the following security standards:

  • ISO 27001 certificate 2023
  • HIPAA Attestation - 2023
  • CCPA
  • GDPR
  • SOC 2 Type II - 2023

For more details, please visit the Merge Trust Center.

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