Aisera Chatbot Integration with Simpplr


Simpplr’s chatbot integration with Aisera provides a conversational experience for a number of solutions, including:

  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Reduction in repetitive tasks
  • Increased productivity

Simpplr provides an in-app integration with Aisera’s chatbot. Aisera handles user requests, processes them, and provides responses. The integration must be configured in both Simpplr and Aisera.

Enable chatbot in Simpplr

To enable the chatbot in Simpplr, as the App manager:

  1. Go to Manage > Application > Integrations > Chatbots. Select Aisera.Aisera chatbot 2.gif
  2. Enter a menu name. The menu name appears at the top of the chatbot widget in the mobile experience. For the web app, this menu name does not appear. 
  3. Paste the web javascript snippet from the Aisera dashboard.
  4. Click Save. The chatbot is now enabled for your app. 

Communicate with chatbot

Once enabled, the chatbot is accessible on all pages at the bottom right-hand corner of every page across your intranet except for the Add content, Manage branding, and Manage newsletter pages. Employees can ask any query, and Aisera will manage the response.

Clicking on the chat widget will expand it. The user is automatically authenticated and can start a conversation.Aisera chatbot 1.gif


Chatbot branding

The branding, design and welcome message of the chat widget are all controlled from the Aisera dashboard. The following branding elements can be configured in the Aisera UI:

  • Channel
  • Chatbot name
  • Logo
  • Design elements: Background color, text color
  • Size: Minimized window size, maximized window size
  • Other conversational styling, opener, and authentication.

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