BambooHR Integration with Simpplr


Simpplr supports People data syncing with BambooHR.

Set up BambooHR integration


To complete this integration, you must have BambooHR admin user permissions and be a Simpplr App manager.

To set up your BambooHR integration with Simpplr:

  1. Go to Manage > Application > Integrations > People data.
  2. You may see BambooHR as one of the options already. If so, check the box. If not, click Add integration.
  3. Select BambooHR. BambooHR 1.gif
  4. Complete the authentication process.

BambooHR authentication process.png

Use BambooHR as syncing source

You can select BambooHR as a syncing source by going to Manage > Application > People > User syncing. Select BambooHR from the syncing source dropdown. After doing this, you will select the fields you would like mapped over into Simpplr automatically. Map the syncing fields accordingly. 

Now navigate to the Schedulers tab and find the SchedulerSimpplrServices option. From the dropdown, choose Run now. Your data should sync in real time. The scheduler will also run every 24 hours by default.

Edit or disconnect BambooHR

Once BambooHR is connected to Simpplr, you can edit or disconnect the integration by going to Manage > Application > Integrations > People Data and unchecking the box for BambooHR, or choosing Disconnect account.BambooHR 3.png

Choosing Edit will allow you to make changes to your people data directly in Simpplr without disconnecting the integration. To make edits:

  1. You'll first need to allow Simpplr access to Bamboo's data on employees, employments, groups and locations. Click the dropdown next to each main data point to see the specific data Simpplr will need to read. BambooHR 4.png
  2. Next, enter your BambooHR subdomain. this is the first part of your Bamboo url. Typically it will be your company's name.BambooHR subdomain.gif
  3. Once authorized, you can view your existing data connections or make any changes needed to your people data.
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