Automatic Upgrade Process

Simpplr is moving towards an automatic upgrade process. We are slowly rolling out this process to all clients. If you would like to opt-in sooner rather than later you may do so by responding to an email that references this article, or by reaching out to

The new automatic release process is extremely exciting because it means that you will continue to be kept up to date on Simpplr’s most recent version, including all product enhancements, without having to manually schedule your upgrades.

Because Simpplr is only able to fully support our two most recent versions, this new automatic upgrade process will ensure that we can continue to offer you the most impactful and solution-oriented support.

Opt-in - You will receive an email with an upgrade time slot close to the date of the release. We have made major improvements to the upgrade process over the last six months resulting in minimum downtime during your upgrade. However, some downtime is typical with major releases. 

Delayed release - In order to allow internal version control, we will be offering a delayed release option. If you opt-in to the delayed release your automatic upgrades will happen roughly six weeks after the general release of the major version. This will allow you to schedule your sandbox upgrade, control your internal release process, or simply wait until both minor patches are live before your instance is upgraded.

The goal of the delayed release option is to enable you to be upgraded within the release quarter. Unless there is a critical business reason for an additional delay we will not be able to provide more than one 6 week period of delay. 

We will be communicating further regarding the Automatic Upgrade Process via email, and this article will be kept up to date. Any information specific to your org will be communicated in this way. You will also receive a calendar with dates in your email if you are already involved in the program. 

These emails will be sent to: Communication Strategists, Communication Intranet Managers, Tech Managers, and Tech/Sys/SFDC Admins. If you would like to modify who receives these emails, please reach out to your CSM. 

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