Mobile Release Notes: 2020-02

For our second release of 2021, we worked on supporting dark mode and dynamic fonts to make the reading and browsing experience better. This feature development will span across two to three releases. 

In this release, we've enabled the support to add events to different calendar applications. We've also improved our error handling by making it more user-friendly.


Release name

App version

Release Date

2021-02: Android


March 29, 2021

2021-02: iOS3.5.0


March 29, 2021

2021-02: iOS - Patch 1


April 12, 2021

Option to add events to different calendars

Earlier, our iOS app used to support iCal (Apple Calendar) only for adding events. Now, we provide an option to add events to other calendars apps as well. Users now can add events to different calendar apps which are added to their mail accounts.



Error handling

In order to make our feedback message clear against the action users take, we have handled almost all the action-based error cases in this release. If a user takes any action and/or encounters any issue, instead of blocking the action users will now see an appropriate message: internet connection not working or server connection failed, based on the type of issue.



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