Mobile Release Notes: 2021-01

In the process of making our key screens more informative and personalized on both phones and iPad/tabs, we’ve redesigned our site landing and site listing screens. Additionally, we’ve added features like video search and deleting replies to improve the user experience.


  • New & improved sites: This new site landing screen has web-like categories to differentiate the sites.  
  • Comment & delete replies: Similar to the post, users can now delete their replies and comments by tapping on three dots against that specific reply or comment.
  • Search native videos: If an organization has native videos enabled, users can directly search for these videos through the mobile app.
  • New languages: This (patch release) This patch release support three new languages; Bulgarian, Armenian, and Danish

Release name

App version

Build number

2021-01: Android



2021-01: iOS



2021-01- Patch 1: Android



2021-01 - Patch 1: iOS



New & improved sites:

The new site designs are more personalized and help users navigate to recently visited sites, featured sites, and other relevant sites. The new and updated site designs are available on both phones and tablets/iPads.



Comment & reply delete

With this new release, the mobile app provides an option to users to delete their comments and replies. With this functionality, users will be able to create more posts and will reduce their dependency on web.


Search native videos

This new feature allows users to directly search native videos from the main search
(only if the org has native videos enabled).


New languages

This patch release support three new languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Armenian
  • Danish


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