App Management: Audience

As an App Manager/Segment Manager, you can define, save, and reuse a list of users across: Subscriptions, Alerts, Newsletters, Social Campaigns, & Segments.

The Audience section would be available in Manage > Audiences.



Creating an audience

You can give a name to the Audience for future reference that will best describe it. Audience can be created either by selecting user attributes or selecting specific people.

Following is the list of user attributes that can be selected:

  • Segment
  • Company, Division, Department
  • City, State and Country
  • Job Title, People category
  • People Hire Date :   "on or before" Date ,  "on or after" Date.
  • Any  custom fields on People profiles


Audience can also be created by selecting specific people.


If there are segments enabled then App Manager would have to select from the Segment list. You can select any particular segment or can select ‘All segments’.


Segment managers would be able to create an audience for their segment only.


Deleting an audience

As an App manager/Segment manager, you can delete an audience if no longer needed. There will be a warning with details on the implications of such action.



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