Site Manager Audit Template

It’s critical for site managers to understand the importance of maintaining their sites. And the best way to do this is to share guidelines that are periodically reviewed once a month or once a quarter.



  • Up-to-date Carousel (balance between news and resources)
  • Frequently asked questions, resources or quick links should be easily visible
  • About the site - Clear description about what team or BU does and what they can find on the site as well as how to communicate with them (slack channel, email). 
  • Governance Team Tile


  • Functional content is content that helps people do their job efficiently and effectively and should appear top of search. To support this, please use topics and a custom summary for this type of content. 


  • Content is accurate and up-to-date
  • High resolution imagery.
  • Proofed and spell checked 
  • Usage of topics and custom summaries for functional content
  • If links are used, please double-check to make certain the links are working
  • If there is like and/or relevant content, please link to similar content. 



  • Include events that are public-facing or relevant to all staff
  • Don’t include events for targeted users
  • Detailed descriptions with images and person to contact for questions
  • Files - Link site to file storage OR Create a folder 


Additional Resources

  • Site Manager Site
  • People Manager Site
  • Training and office hours for current and future site managers  
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