Best Practices: Maintaining sites and site dashboards

It’s critical for Site managers to understand the importance of maintaining their sites. And the best way to do this is to share guidelines that are periodically reviewed once a month or once a quarter.

Below are some best practices for maintaining your site.


  • Keep an up-to-date Site Carousel (balance between news and resources). This ensures your site members will always see new and relevant content, which motivates them to keep coming back to the site and relying on the content you make front-and-center.
  • Frequently asked questions, resources or quick links should be easily visible. Have trending or popular content on your site? What are the reasons most users come to your site? The answers to these questions should always be in easy reach for your members and followers. 
  • About the site: Have a clear description about the site's purpose, its leadership team, what users can find on the site as well as how to communicate with them (Slack channel, email).
  • Governance team tile: Have your Site managers and owners in easy view for your members. This way people easily know who is responsible for the upkeep of the site, and who to reach out to with questions.


  • Functional content is content that helps people do their job efficiently and effectively and should appear top of search. To support this, use topics and a custom summary for this type of content. 


  • Ensure your pages content is accurate and up-to-date. We recommend enabling auto-governance for all your site's content, so you can be reminded to check up on and verify the validity of the information you publish.
  • High resolution imagery. Use good images. Simpplr is intended to be visually appealing, so make sure you're using hi-res, appropriate images to convey the messaging in your content. 
  • Have your content proofed and spell checked. Assigning someone to be a content editor is always a good idea. This helps keep your content professional .
  • Use topics and custom summaries for functional content.
  • If links are used, double-check to make certain the links are working.


  • Include events that are public-facing or relevant to all staff.
  • Don’t include events for targeted users.
  • Include detailed descriptions of the event with images and contact information for questions.
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  • As an app manager, is there a way I can create an image library for site owners and managers to access as they're creating pages. Many of them don't know how or don't have the time to find suitable or copyright-free images appropriate for their content. So when they're creating a page, are they able to click "add image" and then select from Intranet files to find a library of images created by me?

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  • Hi Jeanine! Great question. So yes, any time content creators are adding a cover image to their content, they'll have the option to select "...browse from Intranet", where they can select from all previously uploaded images to the intranet. You as the App manager can create a new image file folder in one of your sites and add any images you'd like to it. Then your content creators can search for that site's image files and find the ones you uploaded. The same goes for adding images to the content body. In the Add image icon, users can select the folder (Browse) icon to find images already uploaded from across the intranet.

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  • Hello, 

    Events from mandatory sites show up in the feed - as you can see, there's no real way to determine the origin or the creator of the event on the feed view, so unless people click into it and go to its site of origin, they won't know what the events are about. 

    Is there a way to change that? Or is it recommended that you don't add events to the feed? Or a naming/ description best practice? I know that we could add a photo to the event, but that won't really solve this issue.

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  • Hi Katrina. While there's not a real recommendation here, I can say that ideally you want your users to click into the event to see more information on it like what it's about, who's hosting it, the location, etc. The feed is just showing you the thumbnail essentially, and that can't be changed. 

    Depending on your org's home dashboard control settings, users could add an Events tile that only shows Events from a specific site like shown in the image here. That way they could at least know where the event is coming from, or with location-based sites like seen here, where the event is likely occurring.

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