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How does the search work?

I'm curious to know how the behind-the-scenes of the search field works? If I type in a word string such as, County Fairs Dates, what will it return to me and how is it finding that information? Is it searching ALL Simpplr content with those words? Does it comb through the content of the document or just the title and tags? Can I filter the results?

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Simpplr Support

Simpplr Support Support Agent  
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Simpplr searches the content (body and titles), feed posts, and files for the keyword. You can use double quotes to limit the search to exact match. The search results break down into feed, content, and file match and you can select which type of content you want to view from the result.

Simpplr Support

Simpplr Support Support Agent  
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Hi Diana,

Can you give Simpplr Support access, so we can take a look?

Go to Salesforce, depending on the org, the Setup button will be beside your name at the top right of the page or listed as a drop-down option when you click on your name.

1. Choose one of the following in Salesforce Classic User Interface:

- Click on Setup | My Personal Information | Grant Login Access. - Click on Your Name | My Settings | Personal | Grant Account Login Access 2. Set the access expiration date for “Simpplr Inc Support” (at least 7 days if possible)

3. Click Save.

To limit the search, you can go into the site and select “Select this site” at the top search box.

If you know want to search for a specific term, you can use double quotes as well.

You can also go to the site “Pages” and use the “Search site pages” field to search for a specific page as well.

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