How to create new sites?

To create a new site, click on the "Sites" tab at the top navigation, then click on "Add Site".
Then follow on screen instructions to add all the site details.

  • Upload a site image if available. This image will become the thumbnail image when users go to the site index page.
  • Site name is required.
  • Although site "About" is optional, but highly recommended. This will appear in the "About" page of the site.
  • Select the site category that applies to the site that you are creating.
  • Select whether it is a public site, private site, or unlisted site.
    Public site is accessible by all users.
    Private site can only be accessed by site members and site managers. Site managers will add the members to the site, or users can request invitation.
    Unlisted sites are sites that are only visible to site members. Users will not see the site in the site index. Only site owners and managers can add members to the site. Unlisted sites only have site feeds and files. You cannot add content to unlisted sites.
  • Click "Create".