How to create a sandbox to test new release of Simpplr?

In order to fully test Simpplr, you will need to have a full sandbox.

When you create a Full Copy Sandbox, please make sure the "Include Chatter Data" checkbox is checked.

Here are Steps:

1. Go to Setup > Sandbox, and click New Sandbox Button

2. Enter sandbox name and click next button in to "Full" column.

3. Select All and check "Include Chatter Data" Checkbox and click create.

Once sandbox is created, you will get email with instruction on how to access sandbox.

To make sure Simpplr is working properly, you will need to change the Rest_API_URL under "Remote Site Settings".

Go to Salesforce Settup, search for "Remote Site Settings". Click on "Edit" next to Rest_API_URL, and change the server number to match the one of your sandbox.

The correct number is part of the url. If you are not show what the correct number is, go to Simpplr and check the url. It should look something like this:

In this example, na73 is the number for sandbox. The Rest_API_URL should be .