Site Manager Video Training - Spring 17

1. Overview of sites

2. Explanation of concept of a site and why we have them

3. How to create a site

4. How to edit site details

5. How to manage site features

6. How to manage site members

7. How to add content to sites

8. How to manage page categories - video tutorial

9. How to create a page - video tutorial  

10. How to add albums - video tutorial  

11. How to create an event - video tutorial  

12. How to edit site dashboard layout - video tutorial  

13. How to manage site carousel - video tutorial  

14. How to manage site tiles - video tutorial We have three videos explains site tiles.

This video shows you "standard tiles" and the options available when you select a content tile.

This video shows you how to add library tiles to site dashboard. Library tiles are tiles created by app managers.

This video shows more details about content tile. It also show you how to edit the content in a tile, and how to remove a tile.

15. How to manage site content - video tutorial