How to add tiles to home dashboard - Winter 17

You have 5 dashboard layout to choose from. Click on the gear icon at the bottom right hand corner of the dashboard page to bring up all the options. (Please note that if you do not see a gear icon, it means your App Manager has set up the home dashboard for everyone in the company).

The first 4 options will place the site feed on a separate page. The last option (feed 2 columns) will place the site feed on site dashboard with the tiles on the right column.

To select the dashboard tiles, click on the + icon at the bottom right to bring up a list of tiles you can add to your site dashboard. The standard tile columns allow you to choose the type of tiles you want to include. The content of the tile will come up the content you added to the site.

Standard tiles

Click on the tile you want to add. You have 3 options for each type of content in standard tiles, which are “latest”, “popular”, and “Custom”. You can also customize the label of the tile.

The “Latest” option will show the most recent content in the tile. Enter the maximum number of items to appear in the tile. Please note that the higher the maximum number, the longer the tile. You can also rename the “Latest Pages” to the label you want to use.

The "Popular" option will display the most popular content. The popularity is based on the number of views, likes, and shares.

The "Custom" option allow you to select the specific content you want to appear in the tile. You will need to enter the title (or part of the title) to search for the content, then select the content to add to the tile.

Library Tiles

Library tiles are the tiles that created by App Manager. The content has already been selected. If you are interested in adding any of the library tiles to your dashboard, simply click on the tile, then click "Add to Dashboard".

Once you have selected all the tiles, you can go to the site’s dashboard, drag and drop the tiles to reposition them.