How to integrate with Box? (App Manager instruction)

You can access files stored in Box (Enterprise only) through Simpplr. App Managers will need to connect Simpplr to the Box Service account first, then users will be able to connect to their individual Box account.

A. Set up Box Integration

1. Please email Simpplr Support your Simpplr home dashboard url.  We will reply and give you your Box Client ID and Box Client Secret . 

2. Box Setup (Done App Manager & Box Admin)
To add your credentials, go to Simpplr, click on your avatar at the upper right hand corner, go to "Manage Applications" > "Integrations".  Check the box next to "Box" and copy and paste the Box Client ID and Box Client Secret that we sent you. Then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Then, click "Connect account" next to "Box". Login to your Box admin account, and click "Grant Access". Once you are done, you should see your Box service account email address next to the Box logo.

Please note: The service account that is connected at the app level must have the following permissions set:-
  • Read all files and folders
  • Read and write all files and folders
  • Manage groups

B. Connect to individual users' Box account (Set up by all users)

Once the App Manager completed the two steps above, users will be able to connect to their individual Box account.

To connect to your individual Box account, navigate to “Profile & Settings” from the profile drop down, click "Edit Profile & Settings" > “External Apps” tab.

Click “Connect account”, follow on screen instructions to login to your individual Box account, and click "Grant Access". 

Once you are connected, you should see your Box account email address in the "External Apps" page.

C. Use Box files for Site Storage

1. Change Storage Provider (Done by Site Owner):

If you are a Site Owner, you can now select "Box" as the storage service for your site after you have completed the step above.

Go to the site that you own, go to "Manage Site", scroll down to "File Storage" field and select "Box Files", click "Save".

Then, click "View Site" to go back to the site. Click the "Files" tab. Now you will see a "Box Files" folder.

2. Link Box folders (can be done by Site Owner and Managers):

Once the site owner has changed the "Storage Provider" to "Box", site owners and site managers can link their Box folders to the site.

To link to Box folders, go to the "Files" tab of the site, go to the "Box Files" folder.

Click the "Link Box Folder" button.

Click the "Please select" drop down, you should see all the your Box folders with "Owner", "Co-owner", or "Editor" permission. Select the folder you want to link to your site.

Once you have selected a folder, you will see the sub-folders inside the folders. You can select the sub-folders to just link the sub-folders to the site. Users will only see the files within the sub-folders.

Select folder permission, then click "Link Folder".

The Box folders will appear in the site Files" tab within the "Box Files" folder.

Users who have completed Step B above will be able to view the Box files linked by the site managers/owner.

If the users have not connected to their individual Box account to Simpplr, they will be prompted to do so.

If the site is a public site, all users will be able to see the files within the linked folders.

If the site is a private site, only the site members will see the linked Box files.

Attached is a file that explain Box Integration at the high level.