Site Management Getting Started

You can create sites by clicking on the "Add Site" button from the Site index page.

Once you have created a site, it will bring you directly to the site management page. Then you can add site members, customize the dashboard and features.

You can change any site settings and add/remove members at any time by clicking on your avatar at the upper right hand corner, go to "Manage Sites". Select the site that you want to edit settings, click "Manage". You will see all the options you can select for your site.
If you click on "Manage Site" while you are on a site, it will take you directly to the "Manage Site" page for the site you are currently on.

Here are some instructions to get you started:

How to create new sites?
How to configure site dashboard?
How do I feature a site?
How to add and remove members in a site?
How to create site categories and assign category to a site?
How do I find the content that are waiting for approval?
How to add or remove site features from the top navigation bar?
How do I assign or remove Site Managers?
How to I change the location of the site feed?
How to change a site's details, such as the name and description?