Manage App Sites Index Page Explained

You can view and edit all the sites and their statuses in "Manage Application" > "Sites" > "Index" page.

You can filter sites by "All", "Mandatory", "Featured", "Public" and "Private".  

You can change the site status by clicking on the "Options" drop down arrow. 

Select "Edit" from the drop down arrow to go to the "Manage Sites" page.

From the drop down menu, you can also make site mandatory (Make Mandatory), remove featured (if it is a featured site), make private (for public sites), and edit category.
  • Mandatory sites - Once you made a site mandatory, all users will automatically follow the site.
  • Featured sites - Featured sites are the important sites for the company. When you click on the "Sites" icon on the left hand navigation, featured sites will appear by default. Featuring a site will make sure all users see it.
  • Private sites - Only site members can view the content of private sites. Site managers can add members manually. Users need to submit request to join the site.
  • Public sites - Anyone can access and follow these sites.
  • Deactivated - You can deactivate a site by clicking on the drop down arrow and select "Make deactivate". Deactivated sites will not appear in the "Sites" index page. You may deactivate a site if it is no longer relevant.

You can also click on "Add Sites" to add new site.