Manage App Set Up Schedulers Page Explained

In the "Manage Application" > "Setup" > "Schedulers" page, you will see the batch sync that are scheduled to run. You will also see the next run date.

To remove the sync or to run the sync immediately, click on the "Options" drop down arrow, and you can select to "Run Now" or "Remove" to remove the scheduled sync.

To make sure everything work correctly, we recommend you click "Schedule" for all the batch jobs.

"SchedulerBatchAddUserToMandatorySites" - this will tell our system to add all users to mandatory sites
"SchdulerBatchInsertPeopleRecords" - this tell our system to insert new people to Simpplr people directory from your source (set up under "People" > "User Sync")
SchedulerUserDataSync - this tell our system to synchronize all the changes of all users from your source to Simpplr.

For example, if your source is Salesforce and if you have made changes to a user record in Salesforce, such as name, title, manager, etc, Simpplr will copy that change every night. You will see the change in Simpplr's user profile the next day. If you want to see the change right away, you can click on the drop down arrow next to "Options" and click "Run Now" to copy the change to Simpplr right away.