Manage App General Set Up Page Explained

Under "Manage Application" > "Setup" > "General", you can set up the basics of Simpplr.

Application Name - You can set the name of your employee community in the "Application Name" field and the application page title in the "Application page title" field.

Application Features - You can select the features that you want to use under the "Application Features" field. The features that you select will appear at the top of the navigation bar. You can also drag and drop to rearrange the order.

Help Text Start Page - If you have created a page that gives instructions on how to use Simpplr for new hire, you can enter the page url here.

Feedback Form - Users can fill out a feedback form at the bottom of every page. Enter the email addresses in the "Feedback Recipient" to send the feedback form to. You can also choose to share the feedback with Simpplr.

Footer Notes - In the "Footer Link" section, you can select the types of footer links you want to include at the bottom of the all pages. Once you have selected a type of link, then you can enter the url of the links.