Manage Sites Governance Page Explained

You can change your feed settings and content control from "Manage Sites" > "Governance" tab.

Select a site from the "Select for a Site to manage" drop down menu, click "Manage".

Feed Placement
You can select where to put your feed, either show on a separate feed page, or include in the home dashboard page.

Content Submissions
You can select whether you allow all users to submit content. If this box is checked, anyone can submit content, including pages, news, albums, and events. You will see the "Add Page", "Add Event", "Add News", and "Add Album" buttons in the corresponding pages.  The content will need to be approved by site managers before they will appear on the site.

If this box is not checked, only site managers and app managers will see the "add" content buttons.

Content Feed Posts

Under "Content Feed Posts", you can select if you want to allow feed posts on all content.

If this option is not checked, content authors will not be able to allow feedback in any content. 

If this option is checked, content authors will see the "Allow Feed Posts" option when creating content. They can turn on/off feed posts at the content level.

Please note that app manager and site managers can change this option.

Customize Feed Placeholder Text

Under the "Customize Feed Placeholder Text", you can change the placeholder text in the site feed.