Add New Page Explained

To create a page, you will need to add a title, select a category, add content, summary, and "Publish From" date.

Cover image is optional but recommended. Minimum size of the image is 1088 px.

Adding topics to the page to make it easier to find. You can also decide whether to promote this page by selecting the "Promoted" box. Promoted pages will appear at the top in the "View All Page" view when you click on the "Page" tab.

You can allow feed posts by selecting the "Allow Feed Posts" box. This will add a feed at the bottom of the page for people to add comment.

Anyone can create pages. If you are not the site manager, your content will need to be approved before the page appear on the site.

You can create the page right away or save it as draft. If you save it as draft, you can find the page by clicking on your avatar at the upper right hand corner, and go to "Manage Content".