Simpplr sites overview and explanation of public/private/unlisted sites

Simpplr sites allow you to collaborate and share information with a specific group of people. For example, if you're working on a team project, you can create a site for your team to share project-related files and information. You can also create a site for your department, such as HR, Sales, IT etc.

When you login to Simpplr, your home page will display the content from the sites that you follow. 

There are three types of sites:

Public sites:

You can create public sites that allow everyone to view and follow. Anyone can see and add posts, comments, files, create pages, news, and events. If a user create pages/news/events, the content will need to be approved by site owners or managers before they appear on the sites.

Private sites:

Only group members can see and add posts, comments, files and all the site content. People must ask to join or be added by the site owner/managers. 

Private sites appear when you click on the Site icon on the left hand navigation. There is a lock icon next to the site name.

Unlisted sites:

Unlisted sites can only be seen by site members and Salesforce system admin. Non members will not see the site any where, including the "All" site index.