How do I prevent a Salesforce user from appearing in Simpplr?

To prevent someone from appearing in Simpplr, you will need to select "No" in the "Show In Simpplr" field in the user detail page.

1. Login to your Salesforce instance, click on "Setup" at the top.

2. Go to "Administration Setup" > "Manage Users" > "User" and click on the user you do not want to show up in Simpplr.

3. Click "Edit", scroll down to the "Show in Simpplr" field, and change it to "No". Then click "Save".

If you do not see "Show in Simpplr" in the user detail page, you will need to edit the page layout and add this field to the page.

1. Click on the arrow on the side of the browser window to turn on the menu, click on "Edit Layout"

2. Drag the "Show in Simpplr" field to the page, then click "Save" to save the layout.

3. Then, go to the user's detail page, click "Edit" and you should see "Show In Simpplr" and change it to "No".