How to set up Simpplr tile in Okta?

This document outlines the way to add individual tiles for Simpplr Application and Salesforce in Okta and make just one or both of them visible to your users. This document assumes that Salesforce is already configured to use Okta as SSO and
  1. There is Salesforce tile configured in your Okta instance for your users.
  2. Any bookmarked Salesforce links get auto redirected to Okta login page if the user is not already logged in.
To provision different tiles for Salesforce and Simpplr, we will need to hide the main tile which actually handles the SSO and create two new tiles, one each for Salesforce and Simpplr, using the Bookmark App as the base template.
Hide Salesforce SAML Tile
  1. Go to the admin section of your Okta and go to “Applications” > “Applications”.

2. Click on the current salesforce application and go to the General tab and click on edit. Make sure that you have selected the checkboxes for “Do not display application icon to users” and “Do not display application icon in the Okta Mobile App”. Now click on “Save” button.

Create Simpplr Tile

1. Go to the “Applications” > “Applications” > “Add Application”  and start typing in “Bookmark” and select the app shown below.

2. Fill in the appropriate values as per your org. For Application label, fill in the name you have set for Simpplr in your organization. In the URL input, paste the Simpplr Home URL, and click on the “Next” button.

3. On next page, assign it to appropriate users. 

Create Salesforce Tile

1. Go to the “Applications” > “Applications” > “Add Application”  and start typing in “Bookmark” and select the app shown below.

2. This tile is for Salesforce so set the values as per your org. In this example the url given is the org default home. Once you have filled in the values, click on the “Next” button and on the next page assign the application to appropriate users.