How to create Simpplr users?

There are 4 steps in creating Simpplr users:
1. Create Simpplr Profile
2. Create users in Salesforce
3. Assign Simpplr License
4. Assign Simpplr permission sets

Detail steps:

1. Create Simpplr Profile 
Before creating new users, you should first set a profile for the new users you are going to create. If you plan to use the licenses provided to you by Simpplr, please follow these steps.
Login to Salesforce, click on "Setup" at the top menu.

Go to "Administration Setup" > "Manage Users" > "Profile" and scroll to “Standard Platform User” and click on “Standard Platform User”.

Click on "Clone".


Enter "Simpplr User" in the text box and click on “Save” button.

2. Create New Users

To create new users in Salesforce you have following options:

- Add users one by one using the "Setup" > "Manage Users" > "New User". 

- Add 10 users at a time. 


- Use Data Loader to add new users in bulk.

Whichever method you use, please make sure that you set the profile “Simpplr User” you just created to the new users.
3. Assign Simpplr License
Before your users can start using Simpplr, you will need to assign them Simpplr licenses and permission sets.
Go to "App Setup" > "Installed packages" and scroll to Simpplr. Click on "Manage Licenses".

In a demo or sandbox environment you may not see this link at all as there all users may be getting licenses auto assigned by default.

Click on the “Add Users” button.

Select appropriate view or create a new view if you do not see the list you wish to assign licenses to.

To assign Simpplr licenses to all users belonging to that view, just click on the “Add All Users” button. You can also select individual users and click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the page.

4. Assign Permission Sets
Go to "Administration Setup" > "Manage Users" > "Permission Sets".

You should see 4 Simpplr permission sets there. If you are missing any, please contact Simpplr Support to fix this before proceeding any further.

The "Simpplr User" and "Simpplr Moderate User Add On" are to be assigned to users who you wish to make App Managers and System Admin.

"Simpplr User" and "Simpplr User Add On" assign to standard users.
Click on the permission set you wish to assign.

Click on the “Manage Assignments” button. 


Click on the "Add Assignments" button.

Select the appropriate view/list from the drop down menu. Select the users using the checkboxes on the left and then click on the “Assign” button.

All Simpplr users need to have "Simpplr User" permission set.

For regular users (end users and site managers), you will also need to assign the "Simpplr User Add On" permission set.  It means they need "Simpplr User" + "Simpplr User Add On" permission sets.

For App Manager (people who can access "Manage Application" and "Brand Editor), you will need assign  "Simpplr Moderate Users Add On" permission set. It means they need "Simpplr User" + "Simpplr Moderate User Add On" permission sets.