What do you need to create our custom Simpplr mobile app?

Simpplr Mobile apps are custom built for every customer using their branding and org attributes. Currently, Simpplr has apps for iOS and Android only and only the last two versions on any OS are supported. Any older versions may work but are not officially supported and / or tested for.

As we create different apps for different customers and only difference between the apps is branding, App Stores guidelines do not allow listing of these apps there so we have to use the private platform for app distribution. The apps are distributed via Hockey Platform (https://www.hockeyapp.net/features/) which is a Microsoft company.

What we need from you:
    1.    Two logo images in PNG format measuring 1024x1024 pixels - one with transparency and one without. These are to be used as application icon, the one you see on the homescreen/ app drawer of your mobile device and in the notifications. Android supports transparency while iOS does not and that is why we need one with transparency and one without. You can also choose to use a logo with no transparency for both platforms.

    2.    One image in PNG format (no transparency) measuring 2732x2732 pixels with the Logo/ main artwork centered within the center square of 1000x1000 px. This image is used as splash screen at the time of application launch. As the device size and aspect ration varies a lot, this is used as base image to create individual splash screen for the different sizes. Depending on the screen size and orientation, anything outside the centre 1000x1000px square may be cropped.

    3.    One image in PNG format measuring 1024x1024 pixels to be used on the wait screen. This image is used to create an animated wait screen while page loads.

    4.    The application logo - 200x125 pixels with white background. This is the logo you set for the application via branding editor.

    5.    16x16 pixels square image to be used as app icon.

    6.    256x256 pixels transparent icon with logo/artwork  in white to be used as icon in the notification bar on Android.

    7.    If you have renamed Simpplr, the name of your intranet. This will show up as the name of the application on your homescreen/ app drawer.

    8.    The link to the Simpplr Home page in your production instance. This is used to take the user to the application home page on first time launch. On Subsequent launches, the app takes the user to the last opened page.

    9.    The link to the Salesforce Home tab in your production instance. This is used to create URLs for refreshing access token.

    10.    Download link for a chatter file in your production instance (any file). This link to used to track file download in the mobile app.

We Must Have the information below in order to build  your custom mobile app:

    1.    Access to your Salesforce instance. Please create a standard user using the email address -  onboard@simpplr.com
    2.    If you are using a SSO and want the application to support the SSO, please create an account with the email address -  onboard@simpplr.com. This account should be mapped to the user created in the previous steps.

Without the last two, we will not be able to test the login workflow for your org .