What are the permissions needed to be a Simpplr System Admin and App Manager?

System Permissions needed for Simpplr App Manager:
  1. API Enabled/ Access any Salesforce.com API.
  2. Chatter Internal User/ Use all Chatter features.
  3. Create and Own New Chatter Groups/ Create and own new Chatter groups.
  4. Create and Share Content Deliveries for Chatter Files/ Share a Chatter file with anyone by creating a file link and sending it via email or IM.
  5. Insert System Field Values for Chatter Feeds/ Set the author or creation date for a Chatter post or comment.
  6. Invite Customers To Chatter/ Invite Customers To Chatter.
  7. Manage Chatter Messages/ Access all users' messages sent in Chatter.
  8. Manage Unlisted Groups/ View and moderate unlisted Chatter groups.
  9. Moderate Chatter/ Deactivate Chatter Free users, assign moderator privileges to Chatter Free users, and remove posts.
  10. Moderate Communities Feeds/ Moderate Chatter Feeds in communities.
  11. Moderate Communities Files/ Moderate Chatter Files in communities.
  12. Assign Topics/ Assign existing topics to feed items. Remove topics from feed items.
  13. Create Topics/ Create new topics by assigning them to feed items.
  14. Delete Topics/ Delete topics and remove all corresponding topic assignments from feed items.
  15. Edit Topics/ Edit topic names and descriptions.
  16. Merge Topics/ Merge one or more topics.
  17. Manage Public Document
For Simpplr System Administrator, in addition to the permissions listed above, you need to add following permissions:
  1. Modify All Data/ Create, edit, and delete all organization data, regardless of sharing settings.
  2. Customize Application/ Customize the organization using App Setup menu options.
For both type of users, you need to have access to all Simpplr related objects, triggers, classes, pages, components etc.
The optional permissions (in orange below) require standard Salesforce license. Please note that this permission set does not come with Simpplr package. It is created manually after installation. If Simpplr install the package for your org, you should see this permission set under the name "Simpplr Moderate User Add On".